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SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!! Christina Milian gotta JOB!!!!!!

Look at me, I am soooo happy to be working!
See mom, I told you I would get a job soon!!

Guezz what!!! Broke azz Christina Milian got in the Christmas spirit at ABC Family’s “25 Days of Christmas” Winter Wonderland in New York City. Christina stars in the ABC Family made-for-television movie Snowglobe airing December 15th on the network.

Can you guys believe shes actually employed? I know her funds were running low, thats why she was seen back in September at a Los Angeles gas station putting $8 in her gas tank. I know she will be wise with the cash she makes from this lil gig!!! She wont be seeing anymore work for a long time HHHAAAAAAAA!!!


  1. Anonymous6:01 PM


  2. Anonymous5:17 PM

    lmao hahaha dude r u serious dats how uu make a living by talking crap about ppl i bet nobodi lyk yo ass hahahahahahah

  3. Anonymous3:44 PM

    thank the lord she is going to need to save every bit of that money to be back on top. if she cant then she should strip. that should be better than letting other celebs know that you or old news and dont have no money! yet her ass still in the spotlight. she really needs to give it up, no one cares about her anymore. she trys to use her beauty to get popular in the industry and no one cares.

  4. Anonymous12:54 PM

    your wed site is so fucking stupid! seems like all you like to do is dog and put down people! maybe you should take a look at yourself!


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