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CANDIDS!!!! What were they thinking?

Ciara showed up obviously implanted. Wait for them to rest child before you go showing your chest like that!
WHOO child, invest in a custom bra!
Step away from the dinner table!!!
No comment...(bwahhhh LOL)

Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross and her gang of chil'ren came out to the 30th Annual Kennedy Center Honors State Department dinner this weekend in DC.

Can someone riddle me WHY did Aretha Franklin wear that gay pride neck wear and that wig that looks like she stole it off a doll baby? Naw, she didn't get it off a doll baby, she got it for $10 from the hair store "down the street"

Will someone put Aretha on a diet plan, and lawd knows she could use a better bra. That make-up must have been done by a blind person or by someone who absolutely hates her. She needs a stylist BAD!!!

Diana Ross and the gang just laid to rest their father/grandfather. Looks like the mourning didn't take too long..... makes me wonder.


  1. Anonymous3:25 AM

    U kno she HOTT in that Fur coat!! lol

  2. Anonymous9:05 PM

    they all looks a mess

  3. Anonymous3:55 PM

    the whole family has big hair


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