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Wendy Williams Exposes Jay-Z!!!

Lets celebrate Jay-Z's speedy relase of American Gangster!
Shut-up Wendy!! You always runnin yo mouth!

You guys wonder how Jay-Z made that american gangster album so fast? How on earth does he come up with all of those songs within a matter of days??? Well, radio personality, Wendy Williams knows the answer!!

Wendy Williams recently aired out that Jay-Z used a ghost writer from Toronto, Canada by the name of "Famous"....yea child, Jay-Z using ghost writers!!! This is only the tip of the iceberg!!! My other sources tell me that although Jay-Z claims not to write anything down while in the studio; he was in there with pen and pad sweating bullets since Def Jam gave him a time limit to have the album ready. HE EVEN IGNORED BEYONCES PHONE CALLS!!!



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  2. Anonymous4:13 PM

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