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GET IN LINE!!!! T.I. giving out Turkeys to Atlanta Residents!!!!

Turkeys for errbody!!!! I can fly like a turkey!!!

Oh shyt, why do I have to live half way 'cross da globe, I want a free turkey!!! According to an MTV News report, T.I.’s Grand Hustle label and Grand Hustle K.I.N.G. foundation will be handing out 400 turkeys this week in Atlanta, 200 on the west side and 200 on the east side. “I want people to know that no matter what the situation is, I’m always going to be in the community giving to those who are in need and helping people out,” T.I. told MTV News correspondent Sway. “That’s what I’ve always done.”

OK T.I., just because you give out turkeys doesn't mean that you are going to get a lighter sentence in court.... but good luck, anyway

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