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T.I. Free from Jail !!!!

T.I got released today on 3 million dollar bail. Atlantic Records put up the majority of cash, and T.I. covered the rest by putting his house towards the bail. Dont worry; they will get it back after T.I. is found guilty. The stipulations are he can only stay at home w/Tiny...his girlfriend (they gone get married, watch), the kids, and the house arrest monitor dude. T.I. isn't staying in the home where the guns were found. That is too risky because the media put the mans address out for the world to see. He is staying in a beautiful home located in GA that overlooks a lake, wildlife, and trees. The house is 3 stories, plenty of bedrooms, and 8 bathrooms!!! T.I. can't get too comfy because they don't move slow on trials in GA. His trial starts in 1 sad, ya'll know he's going to prison!!!


  1. Anonymous2:32 PM

    i misssssss ti i do ilove his music lol

  2. Anonymous6:23 PM

    boh so u do sell guns


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