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We are old and washed out, but we wont stop!
Diddy, Jay-Z and LA Reid

Do I look feminine today, guys? I am so uncomfortable

Rihanna in 20 yrs along with Russell-The Grumpy Old Man!

And here we have some of the older folks coming out to donate pennies to the 4th Annual “Black Ball” Concert for “Keep A Child Alive” event in NYC. You know they ain't donating too much. Tight pocket baztardz! Diddy and Jay-Z teamed up to donate towards the Hurricane Katrina foundation last year. Ya'll know they only managed to gather $10 thousand between both their pockets? HOW LAME, so you know they don't give a daym about these children staying alive. They are there for the promotion to keep their lame names relevant in the media.

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