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Lil Wayne wont pay his bills!!!!!

O shyt, the bill collector is coming!!!

Some dude who owns a jewelry store by the name of Sutton is complaining that Lil Wayne won't pay his bills!!! HE IS SUING LIL WAYNE CARTER!!!! Carter agreed to pay monthly installments, the suit says. Lil Wayne obtained a lot of those jews you see on credit instead of paying it out. Lil Wayne agreed to make payments on a few rings, Chains, and diamonds but he didnt!!!
Sutton received a $24,000 check on Oct. 12. The next $24,000 check was dated Jan. 18. Sutton deposited it, only to learn a stop payment had been issued. Sutton says he tried to reach Carter, sending e-mails to the artist’s financial advisor. No luck.
"Defendant has breached his oral and written agreement. He spent a lot of money with me. I thought we have a really good relationship. I don’t know what happened, unless it’s a misunderstanding."

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