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Beyonce and Tina in MOSCOW!!!!

Oh wow, Im in RUSSIA...they dont sell popeyes chicken out here:(
Nobodys noticing me,:( LOOK AT ME!!! IM BEYONCE BYTCHEZ!!!!
Thats more like it, this blonde bytch knowz me
I am corny!
O WOW!!! I never seen a sunset because i'm always on stage humpin n shyt!

Beyonce took time from the stage and glittery hood-wear to take a tour of Russia. Tina came along with her tube of red lipstick! They both wore black to mourn the ending of her world tour.
Rumor on da street that Beyonce is remaking the late Aliyahs "One in a Million". I sure hope that Aliyahs' estate won't allow Beyonce to water the song down and commercialize it to make mega bucks. Lawd, please let the estate say HELL NO!!! Anyway, enjoy the pics!

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