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Ha Ha--Shaunie begs for Shaq to take her back!!!!

Maybe this is why Shaq filed for just sayin' LOL
Shaunie stole money from Shaquelle O'neal so he filed for a divorce. The divorce documents that were filed in LA Courts states she allocated a lot of his earnings to secret locations..... OOH Shaunie, I think she still seeing her personal trainer and buying him condos n' shyt but thats another story!

Celebhaterz found out that on Sunday afternoon, Shaunie made one final attempt to reconcile their marriage by writing him a 6 pg (front and back) letter and giving it to his publicist after Shaq did numerous hang-ups and ignoring Shaunies phone calls. Our sources state that Shaq told the publicist to throw it away and walked out the office!!!!

OOH SHAUNIE!!! Thats what you get for fuk'n with da personal trainer, poor thang!

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