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CANDIDS-- This wknds' Boost Mobile Rock Corps Concert

Keyshia got da urge to scratch
Eve probably can smell her musty armpits
Fabolous should've played RAY bkuz he actin' blind
Fat azz, stop pumping weight if you cant be consistent!

I got my greasy hands on some candids of this weekends Boost Mobile Concert. Keyshia Cole, Fabolous, Busta Rhymes, and Eve wack ass. Um, I bet none of these muhfukkaz use BOOST.... Boost taking all that money they're making off ya'll pre-paid accounts and giving it to these lame azz haz-beens! Eve need to sit down somewhere! She didnt even smell the billboard charts with that tambourine single she dropped. What a wack azz bytch!

Boost said: Where you at?
PrePaid acct: Getting my azz ripped open by these high ass cell phone bills that boost charging me!

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