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As I promised, Im updating you guys on what really went down. Simpson arrived at the hotel with 5 or 6 strong azz men w/guns on Thursday night to meet up with Alfred Beardsley. Now, this dummy is a collector of Simpson memorbilia and OJ wanted to get his childhood photos from him or something to that effect. They didnt see eye to eye so Alfred Beardsley called 5-0 (copz) !!!!!! Police Capt. James Dillon said the caller told police that O.J. Simpson was involved in the robbery.

O.J. Simpson said he dont understand why he is under investigation in an alleged armed robbery at a casino hotel room involving his sports memorabilia. "There was no armed robbery here," Simpson said in a telephone interview. "It wasn't a robbery. They said `Take your stuff and go.'"

He told da The Associated Press on Friday that he went to the room to recover items stolen from him and that, despite reports, no guns were involved.

Look, who knows what went down in that room. I guess OJ is spending up his cash he got from the book "if I did it" and I HAVE COPIES OF THE BOOK SO ALL YOU GOTTA DO IS EMAIL AND ASK FOR ONE. allz I know is that im done reporting this story.... NEXT!

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