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Lil Wayne looks SOOO MUCH like Ms. Jay Alexander!!!!!

See the resembelance? I sure az hell do. Its so shocking that I had to do a double take!!!! I just got word from one of my trusted sources that rapper Lil Wayne wets the bed!!!!! Oh my goodness.... thats so sad. Click the link for further information on that allegation. LMAO, lil wayne look JUST LIKE jae alexander!!!!!!


  1. Anonymous8:55 PM

    no he does not!!!!!!! this person must be light

  2. lil wayne looks like a black ashy skeleton. he has no chin and is just about one of the ugliest male celebrities right now. U G L Y

  3. Alyssa.Rox.Outloud6:55 PM

    they do not look anything alike at ALL besides the fact theyre both dark skinned. get a life. O.o


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