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Ghostface going gospel and BROKE!!!!!

Ghostface had an interview and completely spilled his guts with a Denmark Radio Station. I think I like this guy. Daym Ghostface..... WOW, listen to what he had to say right here on this site!!!!!

If you dont wanna click the link, heres some of the stuff poor ghostface had to say...

"On my next album, which might be a double album, I'mma stop cursing cause I don't think God wants me to curse too much on my records," he explained. " So I'mma start singing for God, not singing but rapping, singing good stuff for the women, the children and for us. I dont care what people think no more because I've sung a lot of that 'my gun this and my gun that' cause I been there. I'mma do something totally different on the next album"Developing.........................

"I'm still struggling dont get me wrong, I'm not rich," the outspoken rapper revealed. "Just because you see me with jewelry on and whatever, don't pay the jewelry no mind."

Amen, I wont hate on this guy!!!

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