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Common broke? flies SOUTHWEST?!!!

Check out this sexy mutha fucka, Common - on southwest airlines as a passenger!! He better learn how to pimp Serena out of her money so that he can get a better airline to take his azz where he needs to go. In the video he claims that money isn't that tight and times aren't that hard but I beg to differ... poor Common. I guess after that movie 'Just Wright' with Queen Latifah flopped he probably owed the Screen Actors Guild some money or something. According to BOX OFFICE MOJO, The movie raked in 8 million on opening night and so far has grossed a measly 22 million. After it goes to DVD, the movie may bring in an additional 15 million and thats being generous. Well, I like Common so I am done hating on that fine species of a man!

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