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Alicia Keys is begging for money again...smh

Alicia Keys got a ton of makeup,photoshop, and her hair flat ironed to death in order to market yet another scheme to make money for her 'Keep a Child Alive' fundraiser.  I heard its a scheme and shes pocketing the money.  The rumor probably isn't true but I'm just sharing what I heard.  I bet Africa isn't even seeing the every cent of the money.  If shes being paid for this she should be ashamed of herself.  I bet she won't wear that T Shirt anywhere else besides this stupid photo shoot.  Anyway she wants you to donate from your cell phone.  You can google it if you want to but don't expect my hating azz to provide a link.  Youz a damn fool to think I would link ANYTHING for that huzzy!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous12:38 AM

    does it really matter whether or not it's fake as long as these hungry children are fed & afforded an equal or atleast closer to equal opportunity!!


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