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LaLa Before and After Booty Implant pics!!!

The first picture is of LaLa during her No H8 (hate) campaign which shows her with clearly FLAT cakes...but after hanging out with slut bucket to the stars, Kim Kardashian, It looks like La La Vasquezs recent cover on Rolling Out magazine shows soem clear enhancements!  She decided to inflate the cakes a million times larger than what she was born with.  How sad...I hope she will reduce her eyeballs during her next surgery.  Also, stay tuned for some images from when she hosted TRL back in 2007.  Thanks for stopping by, so check out the ads from my sponsors while you're on my page, please.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous12:47 AM

    you a fuckin retard reduce her eyes how fuckin stupid is you shes got gorgeous green eyes bitch


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