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Beyonce models HORRIBLE WIG for Tom Ford LMAO!!!!

WOW, Beyonce looks old and that wig is atrocious atop of her head looking like a mop of some sort. Did Beyonce get the memo?  Does she know that shes washed up?   Don't worry, she will find out after she drops this album which isn't going to sell worth a damn, not in the United States anyway.  She may have success in other countries but not on her own soil.  I can't wait for her to see that harsh realization after she drops her crappy album in 2011.


  1. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Bey is most know in the states. If the alum doesn't sell hear which none of her albums have done well in the past thats it. She's over ppls r tied of her immulating a white woman.

  2. Anonymous12:19 AM

    this wig is bad i feel sad for the poor horse that lost its tail to make this weave. give that horse back his hair. Bey has just got to go, she's has just go to she's just got to go and way past the left.


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