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Trinas "Amazin" Records sales not amazing at all!!!

I was reading bishes on blast blog, and it made me wonder....How did Trinas album sales  for AMAZIN go?!!  Guess what sluts, Trina is not too much of a FLOP being that its an independent album.  STOP BUYING HER ALBUM DUMMIES!!!!! 
The album debuted #13 on the Billboard 200,
#2 on Billboard Top Rap Albums,
#1 on Independent Albums, and
#4 Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums,
This chic sold only 33,938 for the first week and It has currently sold over 200,000 copies in the United States.  I guess thats not too bad being that its an independent album...... (side eye)
Trina also will have a VH1 show in the fall called The Baddest Chick and has perfume called Diamond Princess out now and is also releasing a MAKEUP LINE!!!  I can't wait to get that makeup!  Go Trina, shes a lil hustling bytch!  U thought I would do a post on her new song "My bitches"...well go to another black blog, Im sure they have the video up but you come HERE when you want a dose of change cause I got chu!!

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