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Trey Songz FLOP reality show "My Moment" LMAO!!!

Trey Songz’s BET reality show ‘My Moment’ ratings are in the TANK!!!  This week, the show had only 461 thousand viewers although it aired nationally. This fool couldn't even get a half million viewers to watch his boring life! Trey Songz landed in last place amongst ALL CABLE SHOWS on August 4th (the day it aired).
Can you imagine what this is doing to Trey Songz ego and personal stock? I already knew the show would flop because when I first watched it, I was bored to tears! Thats what happens when you try to tear down a seasoned artist for no reason (R. Kelly) Trey Songz kept going at R. Kelly and I'll be daymed if KARMA hasn't set in and takened this flavor of the month artist out of the spotlight LMAO!!! I can't wait for his career to do a tanker.

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