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T.I. King Uncaged is FLOPPING all over the place!!! LMAO

Are you wondering whats going on with the King since being released from the cage.  Well, Celebhaterz has dug up the FACTS and this is not my opinion, these are facts!  It looks like the King might want to go back to the cage and get some courage to come up with better numbers than THIS!! LMAO

"I'm Back" was the first promotional single which was released on March 8, 2010.  The song was available through iTunes on March 9, 2010 and debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 44 BWAHHH!!! LMAO!

."Yeah Ya Know (Takers)" was released as a promotional single on May 24, 2010,  It also debuted at number 44 on Billboard Hot 100.BWAHHH!!! LMAO!!!

"Got Your Back" featuring Keri Hilson was released as the first radio single. The single peaked at no. 38 on the Billboard Hot 100.BWAHHH!!! 

The third promo single is "Ya Hear Me." It was sent to the iTunes Store on July 28, 2010 and so far it ain't looking too good!!! 

The CD for King Uncaged has been pushed back several times and is set to go on shelves September 2010.  Hes so irrelevant, that I don't even know the date BWAHHH!!!

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  1. Anonymous12:50 PM

    aint nobody checkin for his wack ass nomore.


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