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Spill the Tea!!!! Ciara Tea bishes!!!!

I love me some Ciara but like I always tell ya'll, I am always a hater FIRST! If you want some hot, freshly brewed Ciara Tea then read it after the jump bytchez!!!
JACKED from Lipstickalley:
-The Episode of When I Was 17 The boyfriend that cheated on her is Josh Powell He Is A Player on the LA Lakers and also went to Riverdale High School as well.
-She was more into Bow wow then he was into her
-She is easily over emotional it dont take alot to upset her
-she actually thought she was a better dance then beyonce and hates the fact that she cant get on her level
-her and keri got into a fight at a party in atl after keri released that diss record. It had to be broken up. (NOT PHYSICAL BUT EXTREMELY VERBAL FROM BOTH PARTIES)
-ALLEGEDLY (I DONT BELIEVE THIS) slept with several producers during the making of her first album goodies.
-(RUMOR) has it that Missy Elliot tried/ate the box
-(RUMOR) has it that she slept with many rappers in ATL before she even got put on.
-shes bisexual
-didn't have many girlfriends when she was younger because many girls hated her and thought she was conceited
-I heard she went back to Riverdale to visit and got mad when someone tried to take a pic with her, and scream at her security to "GET HIM." From one of my friends that attended a couple years back.
Thats all the tea bishes!  Go and pick up Basic Instinct on Aug 17th and support my girl!!


  1. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Sounds like a bunch of lies.

  2. Anonymous1:40 PM

    i would dump her ass too
    she ugly
    and she was born a man point blank
    she has no talent
    and her album will flop
    i believe everything you said with her dyking ass

  3. Anonymous10:31 PM

    thats crazy

  4. Anonymous11:38 AM

    i dont think she was n2 bow wow at all i think she used him 2 get her name out there bow wow was hot at dat time n she was a nobody but i just wanna say dat after their breakup she fell off big time so did he they need 2 try 2 make it work again or at least pretend 2 get da streets talkin again... no second thought she 2 damn tall lls probably y she broke up wit him but wat do i kno?

  5. Anonymous4:44 PM

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