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The REAL REASON why Gloria and Matt called off the Wedding!!!

Gloria you stupid bitch you need to take that ring off hoe!
Ooh, Celebhaterz just got the juiciest email in the WORLD! You know the stuck up, angry, evil basketball wife that was rubbing her future marriage in the other girls faces... mmh hmm., shes NOT getting the ring!  LOL!!!  Gloria, girl you knew this was coming with that nasty attitude you wear!  According to my trusty source, Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes were having major problems and arguing constantly!  Gloria also reportedly fukd up a lot of money on unnecessary stuff for the wedding and he was upset with her spending habits.  They say she even threw PLATES at him and that was the final straw!  Matt put her azz OUT!!!
They said that Gloria and the kiddos went and stayed with her mama for a while in Oakland, CA while they sorted their problems out.  Shes back in Miami now and they are planning to set up counseling but haven't done so yet.  The wedding was set to take place on August 21st and they said a lot of money was spent.  Matts financial planner is getting as much money back as he can regarding returns and deposits but having a hard time (you know refunds are hard to come by when you're setting up a wedding).  My source says Gloria wants the wedding to happen but its Matt who called the whole thing off due to Gloria having a bad attitude.  Now, this source is from MATTS circle (family) and its very trusted.  Don't read any other blogs on this topic because everything you need to know in regards to this union going sour is RIGHT HERE in this post.  Toodles for now
UPDATE!!!!  My source sent me more juice and I am going to post a part 2 tomorrow so make sure you come back!!!

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