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HA HAA! Tinys wedding dress looks like a mexican float!!!

I got a hold of a few of Tiny and T.I's wedding pics, and her dress looks like a fukking mexican parade float!  It greatly resembles the cinco de mayo celebrations which I attended this year.  Kermit avoided the color green in this wedding but we all know hes actually a green frog at heart (and size).  That blogger, Sandrarose wasn't invited and I just peeped her blog and she has no updates on the new Muppet Babies recent nuptuals.  The only thing she has is some shyt she stole from TMZ page.  She brag so much and suck their azzes so much but they didn't even give her the exclusive on the wedding, with her hating azz.  She may as well name her blog celebhaterz 2.0


  1. Anonymous1:51 PM

    obviously she likes the dress im pretty sure she wasnt thinkin of u or what u like while she was bying it so 4 thst point ur appinion does not matter u hating bitch thats y shes getting married while ur enternet surfing

  2. courtney strong woman dickey4:31 PM

    lol...right on anonymous

  3. courtney strong woman dickey4:33 PM

    i'am so happy for tiny & tip...lovely couple!!!

  4. Anonymous2:13 PM

    damn , you a hater ! aha im glad yo ugly ass cant make nun of yoself but talk about ppl you wish you could be .

  5. Anonymous1:55 AM

    I love both of them and I admire both of them.... ppl gna hate regaurdless... TIP&Tiny don`t see them hoez or bustaz!!!!!


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