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The Dream caught cheating on Christina Milian!!

Where is your ring, boo?

These images belong to RADAR ONLINE

WOW!!! Christina Milian and Terius "The Dream" Nash are officially OVER! Check out these pics of him in the water playing around with his personal assistant. Shes from Philly and apparently shes good friends with Christina Milian (or used to be). The Dream is in the Bahamas with this woman having a good ole' time as Christina Milian sits home with Violet and gets up with her every night with no help from this cheating scum bag!! Rumor has it that Christina was seeing The Dream while he was with R&B singer you know where this is leading. What comes around goes around. The Dream will meet his maker and do a lot of explaining while Christina will learn a valuable lesson in life. If he cheats with you, he will cheat ON you!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Damn that is so true. But hey, ghetto scum will be scum no matter how much money they have. Smh


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