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Beyonce wears fish bowl shoes!!!

Beyonce stepped out in London wearing a pair of stripper/fish bowl shoes with a real fish inside!! This is so cruel. That fish probably has no oxygen and we know this selfish trick is not going to stop for a second and buy food to feed the poor fish. I am utterly disgusted. I emailed PETA about this, hopefully they will give her a public lashing and her fall from grace will accelerate. Shes already not the most clicked on article when shes featured on MEDIATAKEOUT LMAO!
I stole these images from that bish, sandrarose. Fuk her, I will steal more when I get around to it.


  1. great shoes! love the style and design of them.
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  2. It's hard to see if it's really a functional fish bowl or "fish bowl" shoes. At any rate, the Louboutin, "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka" look is, umm, questionable.

    Louboutin makes the UGLIEST shoes I have ever seen. The red sole is clever, but the shoes are just plain stripper ugly.

  3. Anonymous11:12 PM

    her heels are gorgeous!

  4. iam brazileira and i loved o sapato black to beyonce


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