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LaLa wearing RAGS!!!

What part of the game is this?!! LaLa stepped out in some Michaels Craft Store prom fabric draped around her oddly shaped body looking tacky with that thick azz wig on. It looks like she draped the 3.99/yard fabric over her shoulder and used some safety pins and that dollar store belt to secure it in place. This is tacky. She must have gotten the wig from her local beauty supply so that she could cover those buggy eyes with a bang, she know that hair is a dead chinese womans and NOT HERS! U know the 3rd world countries sells corpes hair to the stars. They think they're wearing the hair of the living but they are rocking a dead hoes hair LMAO! LaLa is not an exception to the rule!
Sidenote: Who in da fuk does the peace sign anymore. #FAIL!

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