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Jay-Z, prepare to #FAIL with those headphones and greatest hits album!!

Jay-Z has taken a bold move and has planned to release a greatest hits album. Wow, you know you're old and broke when you decide to release a greatest hits album LMAO! "The Hits (Collection Volume One)” which is expected to arrive on June 29th, is going to have stupid shyt on it. Nobody is going to buy that shyt! Hes searching for confirmation that he is still on top, but he clearly isn't. If you go to mediatakeout, he never has clicks when an article is about his wack azz. Nobody is checking for Gay-Z! When he releases videos on youtube, he can barely clear 3 million views. Men Lie, Women Lie but numbers don't Gay-Z! NO ONE IS CHECKING FOR YOU BRUH!

In other news, the slut is releasing some bulky 1980's looking headphones through his rocnation label. Who is going to wear these bulky azz headphones? We like our small apple ipod headphones, these big azz dinosaurs will sit on shelves until they get pulled for lack of sales. I will report his first week sales for both items and I assure you the numbers will be a great laugh for us!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous7:41 PM

    I;m wondering why he isn't hooking up with Dre. Everybody else is. Then I have to agree he'll flop on that. Not the album though.


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