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Beyonce hating on Kelly Rowland??!!!

Yes, the rumors must have some truth to them. Kelly and Beyonce are 9 times out of 10 beefing with each other. How do I know, heres the tea bishes. So Kelly did a Rose the Riveter as her alter ego a while ago and now all of a sudden, Beyonce pops out of nowhere (from her supposed break) with a video portraying Kellys alter ego of Rose the Riveter/pin up girl image. Kelly is also releasing a new video for her single that is tearing up the charts called 'Commander' and now Beyonce all of a sudden wants to release a video from her old ass 2008 album 'I am Sasha Fierce' for the single entitled 'why don't you love me'. Is it a coincidence that its around the same time that Kelly is releasing her new video and hit song. I smell a rat, Beyonce gets a major side eye.
Beyonce is a hot azz mess. She ain't nothing but a Devil, a coldhearted, selfish, camera hogging, attention whore. I really dont like her. Whats the point of releasing this single. Fuk'n narcissist! Here is a preview of Beyonces snoozer video. Blah...she looks like a fukn blow up doll

"Why Don't You Love Me" - Sneak Peek from Beyonce on Vimeo.


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  2. I cant stand that thang either, she hated on jennifer hudson, big ass amazon, she has low self esteem, very insecure, scared that she will play out, eventually she will will,im so sick of her tired ass, always wanting to be center of attn, narcisstic yes, but I will say more of a full blown sociopath. She seem like the type that will kill anyone that steels the spltlight from her. Lol


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