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The Tea on Basketball Wives of VH1

Jennifer "long feet "Williams, wife of Eric Williams threw a viewing party and champagne toast the other night for the Basketball wives. UGH she makes me sick, she should've stayed home and watched it. More on her in a minute. Look at Suzie, she could use a dentist with her VH1 reality money to get her grill fixed. She could also stop putting all of that oil in her hair, looking like an immigrant from mexico. Those teeth are atrocious, check them out next time the show comes on. Look at Evelyn, she got her legs crossed so u can see the bottom of her only pair of Louboutins she owns. She so proud of her empty azz shoe store with those stripper shoes she sells. You can hear your echo in that empty ass small store. Please call there and play on the phone. The number is (305) 461-9880. Thats all she got out of being a groupie was a shoe store. Who is going to shop there besides bytches with bullet wounds and stretch marks. Back on Jennifer, remember she tried to give Royce a makeover. LOL, these stuck up bytches went to a strip mall boutique with no designer brands instead of going to Louis Vuitton or something prestigious like that. They are nothing but low budget broke azz chics that rely on VH1 for income. Jennifers husband, Eric Williams never was an allstar player in the NBA and they shipped his azz around to numerous teams just to be a bench warmer. He don't have that much money, thats why Jennifer took the show just to get some money in her pocket because he sure don't have as much as you think.
Shaunie is like a pimp and these wives are like her hoes. I can't wait to see how this show ends up. I probably won't watch the whole season. I feel llike I am losing brain cells watching these ignorant, negative, groupie hoes.

Royce: Royce is a lost soul. She doesn't know how to be a woman at all

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  1. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Gloria got what she deserved, that is exactly what she gets. She thought her ish didnt


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