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Jordin Sparks looks like Princess Fiona!!

Jordin Sparks and her big azz football player shoulders were spotted at a charity function for babies. I think it had something to do with the march of dimes. She probably went to eat the free plates of food but fuk all that. Please tell me this, why is this fat bish looking like Shreks girlfriend, Princess Fiona. OMG I am in tears. All she needs is some green makeup and a tiara. LOL


  1. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Wow..she looks nothing like the character from Shrek. Get some glasses!

  2. Do you really need to pick on someone to feel special? This is a b.s. blog and very immature.

  3. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Jordin may have been fat at one point, but I'm pretty sure she knows how to spell and use capital letters -- unlike yourself.


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