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Leona Lewis gets SLAPPED!!

A man has been arrested for assaulting British singer Leona Lewis at a book signing in central London this afternoon. She was slapped by an unidentified man during a signing session for her autobiography, Dreams on Wednesday.

Leona’s spokesman says the singer is “understandably badly shaken” after the attack.

“Leona was a victim of an unprovoked attack this afternoon at her book singing,” the rep said in a statement. “The police were called immediately and medical attention has been sought. Leona’s understandably badly shaken and apologizes to the fans she was unable to meet and complete signings for.”

She know shes happy for the slap because if it wasn't for that woman beater, nobody would even know about her book she has coming out. Do you think this was a hoax to bring attention to her obvious newly penned autobiography? Thats what I think. Greedy Bish! I think shes using domestic violence as a way to sell books and make money! I am disgusted!


  1. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Where did her security run off too?

    There was no one around to protect her?

  2. this is so lame, I hope Leona can move on and forget about that scumbag asap

  3. Anonymous2:46 PM

    love leona and i am so glad that she is all right, this will make her a stronger person and i hope that they kick, beat, and choke the hell out of the nut that did this to such a beautiful person.

  4. Anonymous2:47 PM

    shes a beautiful and very talented artist.

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  6. Anonymous11:29 AM

    ol' saggy titty ass bitch dont wanna update

  7. This is so lame. I hate to indulge into this discussion.

  8. Is this the usual? Let us not be shocked about this.

  9. What happened to the security? OMG!

  10. Ow that is so bum! She get slap?I bet she would like to put a clip on the nose of whoever slaaped her! lol.

  11. Anonymous5:35 PM

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  12. It's a good post and she has been doing an important performance. Leona Lewis is my favorite singer and it would be nice if you can annex some pictures about her.

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  19. oh god shut your face you hating son of a bitch, only because you faggot ass americans never heard of her book, doesnt mean we brits never heard about it. so why dont you shut your gay face and be quiet?

  20. Anonymous6:37 AM

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