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Necole Bitchie is a dumb bytch!

I can't stand that blogger, Necole Bitchie with her tryfling azz! Her boss happens to be Russell Simmons, you know, the guy who pumps high priced prepaid credit cards to the black community to rob you. I am sure hes robbing that broke down bytch, too (I had one when they first came out just to be cool, but TRUST me, I had several bank accounts). She admits on several occasions she does not have cable and has to wait for particular programs to be uploaded to the internet to watch the most current programs.. HAAAA broke azz! How can you accurately report the news if you have to wait to see whats on TV? Necole even admitted that she has a crush on Amber Rose and would date her if given a chance. GROSS!!
Anyway the ho thought she made it to the top by easing out rumors that she was dating Trey Songz. I heard she was selling the camera phone pics of them to popular websites for 50 bucks or less because thats all she could get. LOL @ her putting out ridiculous camera phone pics of them nestled up together. They say Trey Songs wasn't too happy about the rumors going around so he quickly shot down those rumors by having his real girl, Drew Sidora come forward with a statement from her publicist, ASA Public Relations saying that the lovely Ms Drew and Songz are indeed a couple. Drew and Trey were even cuddled up together at the BET Awards as Necole sat her ghetto azz in the nosebleed section with all the screaming groupie fans! Thats exactly where she belonged. They said Necole tried to get a pic of him and her on the red carpet but sources told me he avoided her azz like the plague! HAAAA, my stomach hurts from laughing so hard!

Necole has had sex with multiple industry cats according to this song that was released and dedicated to her. The song says she sucks dyck and stuff like that, which I don't doubt according to these pics she took. At the end of the song, he tells her she needs to get some silicone in her azz cheeks because she has a flat azz HAAAA, he never lied right there!

Necole, get it together chica. You can't cross the fence and try to be a celebrity so stay in your rented apartment and blog away on your rented laptop. You are a few steps away from being the next Perez Hilton. I know you don't want that since you have no other profession to fall back on. Blogging is how you eat, so don't take the food out of your mouth and try to become an industry slut.

I called Trey Songz camp. They laughed at me, said "bytch please" and hung up when I asked if he was dating Necole Bitchie. (just kidding) They never returned my call, so again, a direct diss to this hoe. If he was dating her, she should atleast have her cable on! Rent loving azz, try owning something. I bet her car isn't even paid for.... smh


  1. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Well what ever she doing you need to try cause she gettin people to come to her blog and by the looks of yours......Im just sayin

  2. Anonymous3:45 AM

    She looks like a cross sided dirty a.s.s skank. There is no way thats her because she looks like a dirty project ghetto chick

  3. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Wow. did she fuck your man, or something? Jealousy is a wasted emotion

  4. Anonymous4:44 PM


  5. Anonymous3:37 PM

    she fugly

  6. Anonymous7:38 PM

    YUCK and she thinks shes a beauty queen hahaha

  7. Anonymous7:22 AM

  8. Anonymous10:32 AM

    you extra

  9. middle name NICOLE lol teehee12:58 AM

    *dies dies dies dies dies dies dies dies*

    i heart trey; if he is dating Drew Sidora im happy for him&hope it works!

    but necole bitchie is wack

  10. Anonymous4:57 PM

    He ain't datin Drew 1st..& jealousy is a sickness, get ur ass checked with ur hatin ass

  11. Damn you whack as hell, the amount of Jealousy you display towards this female go a lot deeper than you let on, what's wrong she rebuffed your advances? is doing much better than you thought? Trey is whack, damn Necole must be doing something right to garner this much envy and jealousy . sweeti you need therapy because if you got to be studying another chick on her grind, even dedicating a blog write up about her, speaks to how deranged you are. sounds like you mad she ain't f*cking with you. get a life your pathetic!!

  12. Anonymous12:56 PM

    This site is closer to being the next Perez Hilton blog than Necole's. Stop drinking the haterade, all of that toxicity will eventually kill you.

  13. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Quit Hating, her blog doing better than yours

  14. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Again let us count the ways

    #1) Bitch please you aint got no god damn "sources" in the industry! LMAO-delusions of grandeur much?

    #2- Becoming the "Next Perez Hilton" is not a bad thing considering that he grossed 21 million in profits last year.
    By your corny and predictable jokes, Rihanna worship, and below average intellect.
    I gather your trying to be the next Sandra Rose?
    Reach for the start dumbass!

    #3 Those pics were taken off of Lil Duval's twitter page, they were not "For Sale"-Gawd Ur dumb-so much for that "inside source". Ha-Bitch Please

    #4 The obvious question is how can you quote meaningless blurbs about a person you claim to hate?- I read her blog and even I don't know half the shit you talkin about.- You must follew her on twitter dont you?

    #5 Have you always been this pathetic? or was hits a gradual process?

    #6 You really, really, really, SUCK- I cannot stress that enough.

    #7- you know you DO NOT HAVE TREY SONGZ NUMBER!!

    # Back to the cable thing, umm last time I checked Necole blogs about Celebrity gossip, the likes that aren't reported on regular or cable TV-How is cable tv a valuable resource for blogging when they get all thier entertainment news from blogs. Unlike you she actually has "inside info" as opposed to posting 4 month old regurgetated gossip from other blog sites.

    You know your not too bright, your writing sucks, you're not funny, sure as hell not witty, you're a blatant liar, a bad one at that, you have no real connections, and your grammar...well NO. You're corny and lame, and I've already seen The Crusty One pull the same schtick on her site. You're the Miss Jones to her Wendy Willaims.- As opposed to doling our career advice to those that are drastically more successful than you, you might wanna rethink this bloggin thing. You are soo wack, Im kinda embarrassed for you sweetie :(

    1. Anonymous11:22 PM

      You go girl! Tell her crazy ass. She should get a life.

    2. Chrystall8:09 PM

      YASSSS YASSSS THANK YOU!!! I stumbled upon this nasty ass blog by accident. Smh I know 5th graders who could have made a better looking blog. And HUNTAY I've literally seen pucs where TREY was KISSING HER. Smdh let me go before this shady, looking, lame af, can't get no views, lookin like a straight ass hater website rub off on me.

  15. Anonymous11:38 PM

    You do realize that's not Necole in this booty shots right? saw those pics, as well, and she found out that they were not of Necole Bitchie. Now that first picture, that's Drew Sidora ... Honey, you need more work on your celebrity knowledge. But wait ... Necole Bitchie isn't even a celebrity. You're just pathetic.

  16. Anonymous5:45 PM


  17. Anonymous2:04 AM

    First off, if your going to blog, you need to learn how to write let alone talk. You cant even form sentences. Ssecond i have never heard or seen you stupid blog and i think i could start one just as wack and be just as unpopular. Try a different hobbie and stop making up lies you sound so pathetic. I dont even care about any of this jealousy you have going on, you popped up on some random google search when i tried to view necoles site. She should thank you for making her popular. Your so lame. Learn how to spell. Focus on yourself, your OBVIOUSLY the one who needs it.

  18. Anonymous3:06 PM

    shes a lame heffer and she caters to certain people on her site. when you are a industry ho it does not take long for the word to get around!!!!

  19. Anonymous1:28 AM

    wow whats wrong with you? Get a life. I never saw hating at such a high level before. I'm not even a fan of her or anything, but if she that wack why write such a long message about her. LOL if she want to think she datin trey songz let her think that. If she doesn't have cable, who cares? Oh? you do!? Wish I had so much free time

  20. Why do you hate her? hhmmmm..

  21. I think this blog is derogatory. Please be careful with your words.

  22. She looks so elegant on the teak patio furniture. Oh my, she's not bitchy.

  23. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Wow! Like, why go through all of this? What did she do to make you hate her? I've never actually heard of your blog, I was googling NecoleBitchie and this popped up. I suggest you get a life.

  24. Anonymous1:46 AM


  25. Anonymous8:24 PM

    LMAO at this wack ass hatin hefer who posted this B*LLsh*t that u need to dedicate a whole blog posting to a successful blogger thats on her grind lmaooo indeed jealously is a wasted emotion lol kudos though for the research u did on a girl dat doesnt even have a wikipedia page just sayin

  26. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Jealousy is not worth your time and energy. Read a book or post more interesting issues on your website like Necole...

  27. Wow. It is sad that you have to try to put someone on blast. It sounds to me like a bit of jealousy-maybe because your blog hasn't blown up the way hers has. #Imjustsayin

  28. Anonymous9:08 AM






  29. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Look where she is at now on 106 being a celebrity blogger up there what you got going for you just more hatin get over it why cant we just give people their props n keep it movin somebody always got to b hatin on another girl that's doing better then the other its pathetic she got to the top take notes and keep it movin


  31. Anonymous2:23 AM

    i kinda agree but the only reason necole blog is doing good because she has big indorcements behind her such as russel simmoins as yu stated

  32. Anonymous10:56 PM


  33. Anonymous9:48 AM

    sad bitch..

  34. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Necole Bitchie has probably never heard of you while you sound like her secret fan..

  35. I have never even heard of her.

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  37. Stop hating....look for something worthwhile todo..hating wont make ur blog go viral...

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  40. Anonymous9:00 AM

    It could be her. it looks like her ,even the poses,she could of tan to get rid of the stretch marks ,but you kno what who cares that was her past and this is her present she was having some trouble with money choose the easy life but look at her now sucessful chillin with the celebs getting paid becoming one herself ,this is another from rags to riches stories ...So stop HATING and start blogging probably you to become the next bitchie


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