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Mariah Carey can't Sing Anymore LOL!!!!

Mariah Carey was blessed with a voice that was serene, angelic, and beautiful. Now that shes been such a suck face throughout her career, I am assuming the Greater One has taken that gift away from her. Mariah is even aware of her fading voice, she goes to her twitter to explain the foolery she displayed on stage during Michael Jacksons' Memorial.

“Trying to sing today was basically impossible for me. I could barely keep myself from crying. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to pull it together and really do it right, but I was literally choked up when I saw him (Michael) there in front of me.

“One thing I know is, we will never really have to say goodbye to MJ. His legacy lives on through his music and the millions of people he inspired with his timeless music. He will be forever in our hearts.”

Mariah, you were calm and I didn't see you on the verge of crying! Stop blaming your fading gift on tears for Michael Jackson. You have performed at various events lately and your voice sounded like chit! You are a has been, a once shooting but now fading star! Get some vocal lessons, ask for forgiveness in regards to whatever is plaging your voice - and get off the stage! In the meantime, save us from your horrible voice, you flat azz wench!


  1. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Damn!!! Harsh!! LOL

  2. Anonymous11:32 AM

    She never really could sing. It was always tweaked in the studio.

  3. Anonymous7:48 AM

    She can still sing!!! BEST VOICE WEVE EVER SEEN!!!

  4. Anonymous3:33 PM

    why be so harsh for.. alot of people start losing their singing voice as they get older..

    why pick on mariah?.. she use to have one of the best voices. Hardly anyone these days can top her singing during her younger years..

    There are so many "artists" who release songs who cant even sing.. and now that mariah "cant sing" as good as before, people start being assholes to her?.. lol.. geez

  5. Anonymous10:30 PM

    she obviously can sing its not adjusted in the studio she has done so many live performances

  6. Anonymous6:42 PM

    She can sing u idiotic fuck!
    She's the best singer ALIVE!!
    LAMBZ 4 LIFE!!

  7. Anonymous5:47 PM


  8. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Look, go onto Youtube and find videos of here singing HERO in 1994 LIVE. They are awesome and I can tell you that yes her voice is fading as you get older (as this is normal), but it is not has bad as you put it out to be.

  9. Anonymous10:39 PM

    1994 is 15 fukin yrs. ago if i was i would sudgesitse you go listen to obsesed now dats more recent instead of goin and lookin ^ a song dats older den dust

  10. You're too harsh boy.

  11. You are really stood up for the name of your blog huh?!

  12. I heard a very good advocacy of Mariah before. She supported our soldiers overseas.

  13. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Mariah Has Lost It A Little....She Need's To take Care Of her Voice Otherwize It Will be Gone Forever!!Come On Mariah!Wake Up!

  14. Anonymous8:52 PM

    You're So Right!

  15. Meg said:

    I knew her voice wasn't good as soon as i heard her in my first time, i thought, who is this and then i heard that was mariah i was like eww who is she, she cant sing for crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmaooo

  16. xoxo.Selena.xoxo4:32 PM

    omg she really cant sing, i was watching t.v and i heard her i thought she was playing around as a joke but it was a concert and she looked too serious so i knew it for real!
    she cant hit high notes, ill tell u right now that demi lovato can hit her high notes very welll!!!!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous6:12 PM

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  18. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Hahaha mariah carey can't sing she a hater christina aguilera is better than her.


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