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FAIL! Beyonce new video SWEET DREAMS

This video is absolute TRASH! This video SUCKS! It is very cheaply made and of course shes using 2 side dancers, wow I would've never guessed that. Why is a (almost) 30 yr old dancing like a stripper at this age? Sex sells I guess. HAAA @ the end, she tries her hand at short hair and fails!

UPDATE: The video was removed by Beyonce power house camp, so therefore - I took it down. When another link works, and if I am not lazy or forget, i will put the video back up.


  1. Anonymous10:36 AM

    How old you gotta be to dance like a stripper?

  2. Anonymous3:39 PM

    beyonce has been shaking her azz every since day one her dad and mom has pimped that girl out to the last notch and people are really saying that they are just burnt out from overated, and overexposed b knowles she really made a clown of herself at the bet (coonfest) people was looking at each other like wtf, is she singing.

  3. Anonymous3:48 PM

    i loved her with d/c and it seems to me that after she went solo and got hooked up with jay she went buck dam wild, wears less clohes as she can , stepped up her dance routine to include very seducive dance moves which seems to cater to adults, and it seemed like she was trying to test her vocal range at the bet (coonfest)

  4. Anonymous3:53 PM

    some one mention that she received two awards and some replyed that it was a (coonfest) what did you expect, the world knows that this chick is a certified stripper and the world knows it. and shes good at what she does, she looks like she is scr**ing, and grinding standing up and some people loves that she helps them get their jollies, role model?????

  5. Anonymous1:35 PM

    if she can move in the bed lying under jaz as well as she moves standing then she is a certified winner in the love making business, but wonder why there isn't any chilren from all of this hotlove making i was told a long time ago that girls that dance, and look like her was all stone wall jackson lying in a bed, well its not a worry of mine i was jus thinking out aloud, and thnking back to the few fellows that i know who is still wearing the smile that i put on their faces back in the day, people needs something to think back on.

  6. Anonymous3:40 PM

    she is still at it all of her music is starting to sound the same to me. and she needs to redirect her music. now she is always trying her voice range, shes is probably getting some voice coaching as quiet as its kept. she is taking ballet, and she is dreading the fact that britney is back and doing her thing that gives benappy something to think about.

  7. Anonymous3:13 PM

    yep this trick is slowly losing her shine, people are sick and tired of her slinging that choochie juice and humping and bumping on the stage all of the time we need a break from this trick.

  8. Anonymous3:17 PM

    just began to see how jealous and envious she is of any artist that is trying to get a little shine. its funny how theres so many artist albums are flooping all over the place and shes the only artist thats selling. theres is something bad wrong with this picture. and it will all come to a head before our eyes before long just watch. matthew can't keep buying her way thats about played out.

  9. Anonymous3:22 PM

    her machine as they call it are all up in the air , because jennifer hudson is doing that christmas special and thats killing her soul so thats why there will be a thanksgiving with her wynns live concert for thanksgiving night.thats people entertainment for thanksgiving, please beyonce take a vacation from the lime light for a while please.

  10. Beyonce trying to much,i would be so happy if she started a family. i'm tired of her ,every single she yells & shake her ass ,goshh. She needs a break .I think Jay z wants baby's now and Beyonce need a babytour.

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  13. Anonymous10:30 PM

    BUEATIIFULLL. she is absolutly stunning, i adore her.

  14. Anonymous9:34 AM

    You can't Act; sing nor Dance if. Jay Z wasn't in your life you would be finished.


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