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EXPOSED!! Oprah DOES wear a weave

Look, I am not trying to get my blog shut down, I am simply hating with a sprinkle of truth. I hope Oprah respects that. Anyway, in April 2009, Oprahs faithful twitter followers were stunned at the texture of her hair. They asked her if it was real, and she said "this is not a weave"
Well, I beg to differ Oprah, you are clearly seen here with yo tracks showing! You know you wear a weave, girl. Don't be ashamed of what you got. We ain't mad, nor will we stop watching your show just because you buy indian hair or remy hair to accent your aging face. It's all good girl!


  1. Anonymous5:27 PM

    why she is bald lozer hold lozeres why you wanna do dat only its britny spear lozers

  2. OMG! Did not really expect this. She must have her reasons.

  3. She looks so ugly in the first picture but on the second one she is gorgeous. So that's the what make over can do.

  4. Anonymous1:30 AM


  5. Anonymous5:50 PM

    just stupid people . --' what fuck ?
    What's the fucking problem people. fuck ur self

  6. Anonymous7:31 AM

    make over is really a work to do, with money u can change your looks. she still a beautiful old lady

  7. Why do people always have to hate on th rich and famous!?it's idiots like u who dig up stuff cz you got nothin beta2 do.get a life!!!so wat if she does,or doesn't wear a weave!?it ain't gonna change ur life...

  8. Anonymous3:51 PM

    maybe its a headband..

    1. Anonymous8:20 PM

      Definitely a headband or else her hair would be in her face on the picture. Look at how her goes to the sides but not one strand is in falling in front of her forehead/forward.

  9. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Ooh Gos... Oprah what happen with your hair, you look terrible in that pic. But let me tell you that my grandpa who is always looking for Viagra Online is in love with her.
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  10. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Wow. You ARE a hater. Oprah has CLEARLY SAID that she does all types of things to her hair, in FACT, she gets it BRAIDED W/EXTENSIONS EVERY SUMMER!!! On THAT day when she said she was wearing her own hair, I'm sure she WAS. She had Chris Rock on her show featuring his video "Good Hair" and she wore her own hair that day & even had him run his fingers through it to confirm. It was long and FULL & beautiful, so good for her! Her "aging" face looks TERRIFIC, ABSOLUTELY STUNNING when fully made up for 57, or for any age! (We should ALL hope to look so good at 57!) Your level of hating has reached a new low when you're dissing someone for something that isn't even accurate, AND when you're dissing one of the greatest inspirations of our time! Sorry but the TRUTH is the light!

  11. Anonymous2:39 AM

    Who cares if she wears weave or wig. U people love to look down on other people Oprah can buy all you'll and your danmm hair if she wants to. She is a powerfull woman and done alot for the people. She could be bold and her inner beauty will still shinne....

  12. Anonymous2:45 AM

    I love Oprah . And for you dry mouth i really like to see your picture who gives you power to call any human ugly? Everybody has a beauty you might not see it but others do

  13. Anonymous12:09 AM

    I think what people are talking about is that if you wear a weave just admit it.Don't go on National TV and make a big deal of trying to prove you don't. Weaves are used to enhance and no different than a person using make-up or color contacts. Extensions have been used in Hollywood for decades ...way before they became as widespread a they are now.

  14. Anonymous9:20 PM

    its ok Oprah i think your beautiful with or without weave with or without makeup let your haters be your motivators thas all i got to say

  15. Anonymous10:22 AM

    thats so fucken dumb yo know you guys are Amateurs she didn't say that she didn't wear weave she in the pic she wasn't wearing weave she didn't ever state that she does not wear weave!

  16. Anonymous5:26 PM

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