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Usher divorce papers

HAAAA, here are the divorce papers! Usher has officially filed for a divorce from Tameka. Poor Tameka, I know shes pained right about now. Well, she has the "heir" and the "spare" (the 2 kids) to keep her financially straight for the next 18 she should be fine. Hey, nowadays, the courts aren't giving baby mamas hundreds of thousands of dollars. She will most likely get 5G's per child, so she better make it stretch! She needs to also get back into the field of being a celebrity stylist. That should also hold her over and fund her expensive heart throbbing adventures. Y'all know her heart attack back in Feb 09 was on Ushers dime...poor Tameka. Click the divorce filing for the largeness. U know how I do!
***I think I should be upfront and honest and tell you guys I stole this divorce filing from rhymeswithsnitch and then pasted my name on it. I am so foul LOL


  1. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Actually you didnt have to steal it or even credit it to someone else. Fulton County court records can be searched by anyone with a computer, if you got off your azz and did the research, instead of jackin' off another page like some wannabe blogger.

  2. she's such a gold digger. guess usher finally had enough.

  3. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Great Job!

    To host your blogspot through blogspot is free. I don't understand why bloggers fight for hits.

    We speak on the truth for free.

    The days of the hateonbeyonce blogging were truly missed!


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