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50 Cent explores another financial flop!!!!

Remember 50 Cent’s sequel to, “Bulletproof,” entitled, “Blood In The Sand,” only managed to sell 56k copies in its first week of sales. “Bulletproof,” in 2005 sold over 680k copes in its first week and went on to sell over a million total copies. Well, this blood in the sand bullshyt flopped bad. So far it hasn't sold over 500K and they are pulling them from the shelves as well as putting them on clearance
womp womp wompppp.
HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE... I am getting somewhere with this!
50 Cent has now teamed up with MACYS to try make some smell goods. *chuckling*. He is launching his own fragrance as part of an exclusive deal with Macy’s.
Power By 50 Cent will be released via a partnership with fragrance firm Lighthouse Beauty and is scheduled to arrive on Macy’s store shelves later this year. Trust me, it will NOT sell LMAO!!!


  1. Why does 50 look like he starred in "The Plante of the Apes" Ugly MoFo

  2. Anonymous3:30 PM

    can't hate on him too much he was the top earner of 2008 beat out jay=z and diddy, so where's your money at? fools

  3. Anonymous9:42 AM

    he's making that paper he has got all kinds of different things going on. someplace i read that he has teamed up with some rich guys to mine platium etc. and his album did not reach the sales that he was looking for,

  4. would love to have 50 cent write a blog about drugs


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