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Gabrielle Union a homewrecker? Sues BLOGS!!! HAAAAAA

This letter right here has put Gabrielle Union in an UPROAR.... only when its true is when you should react like she did...anyway,
Actress Gabrielle Union is unleashing hell … and her lawyers… on a gossip website ( that printed a scandalous, anonymous letter about her — a letter Union claims is filled with terrible lies.
TMZ reports:

We’re told Gabrielle’s lawyers have fired off an ultimatum to the site, demanding they remove the letter, print a retraction and send an apology letter to Gabrielle… or else.

The site claims they received “the letter” from a “nameless pro-athlete’s wife” — and decided to print it because “it seemed too real.”
But Gabrielle claims the allegations in the letter — mostly involving sexual exploits — are 100% BS … and the site should have been more responsible with their judgment before deciding to print


  1. Anonymous12:20 AM

    uh huh. right.

  2. Anonymous3:02 AM

    shes still a house wreckin hoe

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