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Janet FLOPS worldwide!!! Blames soul singer SADE!!!!

Janet Jackson is making mega excuses as to why her album Disclipline flopped WORLDWIDE!!! First, she blamed it on the promotion of her first single 'Feedback', but everywhere I looked online - I saw advertisements for the wack song, so try again Janet. Then she blamed the worldwide flop on something or another -I don't remember what she said - and now she is blaming the flop on SADE!!!! You heard me right, SADE!!! Heres her quote:

"There were some people who didn’t like the direction I took with this album (Discipline), “They wanted me to sound more like Sade, but I’m not ready for that just yet. I love doing dance songs and I think my fans expect that of me.”

Oh shut up Janet, you are a memory amongst the entertainment business. I heard she cancelled her national concert and the promoters are the only ones who profited from it. Janet, I have some advice if you're reading this, stick to acting and dating JD, ok hun. You can also devote some time to getting your brother Michael Jackson some counseling....I wonder if the nut has ever tried that route?


  1. Hahaha. You're hilarious. I love Janet, but this... is too good. LOOOOOOOOOL.

  2. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Attention to Janet J., I love you honey, but you NEVER and I repeat NEVER sounded anything like Sade. Nor has any of your band members and back-up singers. Sade is unique. There is only ONE Sade and honey, although you are/were a great entertainer, you and Sade are NOT even categorized in the same music genre. Now blame YOURSELF for weak album sales and the fact that you were trying to compete with the Beyonce's and Ciara's and all the other female youngun's out there. Your video shows it. Please keep Sade out of your mental confusion and be a woman and state that YOU failed to deliver to your fans. Maybe if the "new" JANET went back to the ways of the "old" Janet, you probably would have sold hits. I'm sick of these 2 split personality nutjobs blaming classy hitmakers for their failures! Janet need to grow up and hopefully she will be a MOM to this kid instead of selling her off to a family member like she did the first one. Last I checked Sade claimed her KIDS first and CAREER second! What a joke!

  3. janet ain't got nothing on sade! what was she trying to convey?

  4. Anonymous7:26 PM

    janet's problem is she's still stuck in 1985. she needs to take of her kids and admits she has them istead of hiding them. janet still souinds like she's 12. i mean grow up and take voice lessons. shit.


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