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ALicia Keys cant fit her shoes!!!

Look at Alicia Keys at some random event with her toes hanging off the front of her shoes. Her skin is a hott mess, so she doesn't allow close up pics of her which is a shame because shes such a pretty girl, but I love to hate on her anyway. Her chest is so flat and it looks hard like a mans! It reminds me of a body builders chest!!!! I wonder hows that relationship going with Swizz Beats and Alicia - the husband stealing singer. I SOOOO hate Alicia!!!


  1. Anonymous7:30 PM

    shes rich and she cant find her right size in a shoe? thats sad.

  2. Anonymous9:47 AM

    i guess she thinks that since she is supposed to be so hot she can take her a man. she is coming out with a new jererly line it was preview on ybf week of nov. 20,09.

  3. Anonymous9:49 AM

    they showed swizz walking with his boys on bossip in new york yesterday.

  4. Anonymous4:36 PM

    alicia keyz is a bitch

  5. mayra from LA4:39 PM

    alicia keys is so uguly i hope she dies while giving birth to her uguly baby her baby is going to be uguly to


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