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Whitney still supporting Bobby!!!!

OMG!!! Now this is a daym shame. Bobby still begging for money from Ms. Crack is Wack - and hes living up to the title of being the most pathetic piece of shyt thats ever walked the earth LOL. Heres what a trusty source told the National Enquirer in regards to that wacky ex-couple:

“Bobby’s pretty much broke,” a National Enquirer tattle says, “He’s trying desperately to land reality show gigs, but keeps going back to Whitney for handouts-so she gives him 10 grand here, 10 grand there.”
“She feels bad for sometimes. He got used to a certain lifestyle with her, and she’s never completely washed him out of her hair,” the source adds.

Lawd have mercy!


  1. Anonymous11:03 AM

    help them please someone

  2. You are retarded yo...some of things you be saying be having me rollin.i would follow yo blog but i dont know how to do that just yet...anyways for all yall who got a blog follow mines that i just started...

  3. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Pussy likin' baby thats wats up with bobby. I is a shame too.

  4. Anonymous12:44 AM

    they looks a hot HOT ass mess. and whitney looks like she need a bath!


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