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Tight Pocket Beyonce drops only 100,000 for Hurricane Relief Fund

Heres some more on Beyonce-
So, that bytch Beyonce Knowles-Carter can wear a cloudy azz 5 million dollar ring, but on the same token, being the Millionaire that she is; she can only afford to drop a measley 100,000 for the hurricane relief victims from Texas. She spent 7 million making all of those videos for her album, B-day which dropped in 2006 - and her income has most likely doubled since then because she married a millionaire. I fail to understand that heffas way of thinking. It just makes her look stingy and I bet it was a publicist who told her to drop that money on those folks. Its funny; the hurricane was MONTHS ago, and now that shes back in the limelight with a new album dropping.....all of a sudden shes the saint who saved the hurricane victims with only a hundred thousand smaker-roos. She also made sure everyone reported it.... but you know I had to put my twist on it to make her look like the grench that she is...

Fuk Beyonce, I hate that hoe


  1. Anonymous2:26 PM

    here is da myspace hoez

  2. Anonymous9:08 PM

    WhAt A SeLfIsH bItCh......... oooo i can not stand that GuRl

  3. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Hey mrs. blogger, how bout you get rich and see if you'll drop 100Gs on a hurricane relief fund. Criticizing ppl is easy when you ain't got shit...

  4. at least she gave them somethn nt like some celebrities.and oh she aint no bitch rihhana or wat ever her name is a bitch hw many dudes has she dated b4 chris

  5. Anonymous2:08 AM

    And what exactly did you give to the hurricane victims hun? Nothing? Thought so :) Your are so horrible and insanely immature. I doubt you had a very good upbringing at all. If my parents heard me saying the type of things you do - Whoo my goodness big trouble. I don't even know how I got onto your website but I keep scrolling to read what other stupid things you have to say about people you have never met. One hundred thousand dollars is ALOT of money and if I had that kind of money to give, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Stop being so cynical and learn some proper spelling and grammer while you're at it!

  6. Anonymous1:02 AM

    uh can nam one of yall drop 100 Gs so shut the fuck up and 4 the one who said she cant stand beyonce bitch stop hateing u probably ugly as fuck

  7. Anonymous2:16 PM

    now yes 100th was some money but when ou consider the kind of money that this trick and her husband makes that aint sh*t, when she could have kept that in her pocket and bought herself another lace front, do't try and get slimmey with us on this site f you are so in lve withy that trick then go back to kissing her azz and let us commen all that we want to and if you get real with yourself that trick would not give your azz a dollar if it would save your life hell yes she could have given more shes got it to give and can write it off but she wants to spend million on her videos shaking her azzthats her top piority and she still is not on top of the music world chart.

  8. Anonymous3:35 PM

    awww she looks cute here


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