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T.I. the felon voted for the first time

They allowed T.I. the felon to vote. That should send a message to my felon readers, go and register to vote. Anytime the country allows a ex drug dealing, gun toting citizen to vote, theres no reason you shouldn't be able to. Theres a loop hole in Georgia law which says felons are eligible if they’re not currently serving probation or a prison sentence...thats splendid!
T.I had this to say:
“Feels like I’ve taken advantage of my right to become a part of the democracy,” It was definitely worth standing in line and doing all the things people complain about voting. I think it’s more than worth it.”


  1. That's pretty wild. I wonder if this information is made public? Because I always thought once a convicted felon then you can't vote at all. So I'm sure there are plenty of convicted felons not serving sentences or probation that probably don't know of this loop hole and would love to vote in the up coming election.

  2. Anonymous6:37 PM

    That's strange cuz i thought that once u been convicted of a felony, arrested or locked up u cldnt vote. Well i guess thats for people without money only the rich ones can or the ones who snitch so they dnt go to prison can.

  3. Anonymous1:11 PM

    yall can stop ridin' t.i like his name dick cuz datz just anotha real nigga in da game.


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