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Tameka Foster is pregnant AGAIN!!!

Well looka here.... Tameka Foster has managed to secure her future with 2 babies by the tooty-frooty Usher. Here is Tameka at the grand opening of Tyler Perrys TV studio - and shes pregnant as EVER. OK, I can say a few nice thangs about this heff. Her weave is on point and that dress is indeed a banger, but she still looks like a man with those beedy eyes and masculine chin line - and don't get me started on that black azz neck of hers. Her breast implants are an indication of how insecure she is. I wonder if she and Usher are still together? More on that when I get the word!!


  1. Anonymous4:37 PM

    she looks cute right here

  2. Anonymous1:49 AM

    I still don't understand why they broke up and why fans don't like her. She sounds like she has flaws like anyone else and they has problems like any other marriage couple. Don't get it at all. Quitters.


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