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Look at Eves paw prints!!!

Look at Eves paw prints. They are separating more and more. They look like stretch marks instead of paw prints now. Her chest looks like a wide azz crack or something. Another blog said the titz look like puppy ears. She needs to cover them up. I don't know what its going to take for that girl to realize that shyt ain't cute. Sometimes we live in denial for a while and then one day we wake up - when she wakes up, it will be a great and happy day but in the meantime, be forced to look at those things on her chest and shake your head - because I'm shaking mine.


  1. Anonymous12:34 PM

    I just wanna put my head into those **** and rub my **** on those ****

  2. Anonymous12:35 PM

    here is da myspace hoez

  3. Anonymous12:48 AM

    she needs to get rid of that tattoo it looks a mess now!

  4. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn yall the biggest haters i ever heard off.

  5. Anonymous7:59 PM

    dnt hate on my girl eve..
    i bet she can take anyones of yal females man and pleaz them waaaaaaaaaaaay better...
    and she still looks good with them


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