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Lil Wayne celebrates Voo Doo!!!

Look at Lil Wayne grab his crotch at the VooDoo Fest in New Orleans this past weekend. I wonder why the girls are going crazy behind him, I don't see anything there. He looks like a little voo doo doll. I can't believe the righteous minded americans are celebrating VOO DOO!!!! Lil Wayne is a talented little twerp, but he sho' iz ugly!


  1. Anonymous6:05 PM

    you are a fucking idiot. I feel stupid after reading it. You have absolutely no writing skills and have no business being a blogger. You have no business being on computer for that matter. Do you even know how to use MS Paint? I mean, you tried so you go girl, but your logo represents your intelligence level. HA! To think that anyone wants to read this garbage makes me sad for the future of this country. Let me guess, you're voting Obama and you are black, right? Or Mexican. I can't tell. Both are equally dumb so whatevs. You should have your uterus ripped out so that you don't reproduce (even though you prolly have 10 kids for that great tax cut you got from the gubmint). It is people like you who are responsible for the dumbing down of America.

  2. Anonymous4:25 PM

    is it just me or do Lil Wayne look like a burnt, mexican scare crow?

  3. Anonymous8:01 AM

    to the 1st annonymous FUCK YOU

  4. wow u guys seriously sound really stupid. no he doesnt look like burnt mexican scarcrow.
    he isnt even mexican first of all.
    and if he looks like a scarcrow he sho as hell is the sexiest one ive seen in my entire life. i honestly think u guys are fucking wit him bc ur jealous. u know ull never be as good as him so all u have to do is try. i respect u for that but fuck. u just sound like retarts. :]

    fuck yall who hatin fo no reason.
    ya digg ?

  5. Anonymous4:00 PM


  6. luao u asshole stop hatin on lilwayne.jst bcoz ur ass cnt rap dnt mean u must hate on those hu cn.

  7. LMAOOOO @ TWERP. I do love some Lil Wayne. He is my guilty pleasure. See, Wayne was BORN TO THIS HERE. Baby is who is going to "get it". I know Lil Wayne is responsible for his actions and needs to go sit his a** down somewhere and be quiet.

    He is talented, has "it", and you want to believe he would be your friend. I'm 37 years old and I can see he was shaped and molded into what he is now. He's supposed to embody the 21st Century Schizoid Man as he has been "ordered" to do.

    Who ever is casting a spell through him is going to be in trouble. This much I know is true.


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