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Laila Ali sold her baby to OK Magazine!!!

Laila Ali is showing us that she can sell her child to magazines just like all the other stars. Even her fame whore husband got in the shot!!! This is her newborn son Curtis Muhammad Conway Jr. Did ya'll know that Laila is 30 yrs old? Damn, she looks much older than that. Old lookin azz bytch! I didn't know she married that NFL star Curtis Conway, wit hiz 37 yr old azz. The baby was born on August 26 or some shyt like that.
The new parents say they had a rocky pregnancy. I was wondering why her baby bump wasn't getting bigger. The baby wasn't growing in the womb and the head was getting bigger than the torso, so they induced the pregnancy and now he is here and very healthy...oh, he cute too.
I bet Laila beats on her husband, shes borderline lesbian. I can't see her being a mom.


  1. Anonymous3:24 PM

    wow youre a real bitch forr that and you have no life wut so everr.

  2. Anonymous11:08 PM

    who ever wrote this sucks her mom

  3. Anonymous8:17 PM

    I like her, I think they have a beautiful family.


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