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John Legend Album Cover

Isn't he holding his hand rather "fruity"? This guy needs to come out the closet, I think he would sell more albums if he opted to. So hes dropping an album called Evolver really soon. I don't care about the date and I don't know the date so don't ask. I am not buying the album and you better not buy it, either! Its going to sound like a gay musical LOL


  1. Yea john is obviously gay...Its soooo obvious.Its sad that because of people like you he cant be who he really is.But then...again what if he did come out the closet?? he going to sing songs about two men istead of a man and a woman??Is he going to invite a dude up on stage and grind on him instead of a female??I dont think there will ever be a celebrity in the black communtity to come out.

  2. Anonymous12:03 PM

    John Amaechi came out, bitch

  3. Ms.Chitown6:20 PM

    His album was great but I am worried about him doing his back up singer. Every concert i go to its just that one soft back up male singer with them ugly girls!!! I wish the one with the fro would stop wearin open toe shoes!!! Damn and comb that shit!

  4. Anonymous3:29 AM

    alright hold the fuck up john is not gay. who the fuck is runnin this shit?!


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