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Did Oprah help Tyler Perry get the studio?!!!

So, you're wondering how Tyler Perry became the first black person in history to own his very own TV Studio? Well, wonder no more because I got the GOSSIP!!! I heard that Oprah Winfrey helped Tyler Perry buy this studio under a secret contract but I ain't wanna gossip so you ain't heard it from ME!!! Come on, you know those silly azz plays and low budget movies that Tyler makes wasn't enough to own his very own studio. Get real folks. He wishes he had bank like that. It seems like all of Oprahs friends prosper after riding her coat tail for a few months. And check out this hired model/actress who accompanied Tyler Perry to his grand opening as his "date". Shes not worthy of a name drop, so don't ask me whats this tricks name. I wonder why Tyler didn't bring one of his boytoys? This would have been the best coming out party of the year. He should've seized the moment.

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