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Usher without his wedding ring!!!

Check out Usher at the play park with his son and a random chic. No one knows who this woman is, and if she is willing come forward to speak with me, I am willing to pay $3.24 to have a sit down with her. Thats my cigarette money, yall! I loves me some Newports! My ATL spies told me that Ushers black SUV hasn't been parked in front of his crib lately and that Usher and Tameka hasn't been seen together wandering around the ATL as a family lately....My trusty snitch also told me that Tameka was in a boutique without her ring early one morning.

Anyway, Take notice that Usher doesn't have on his wedding ring....I wonder whats going on with him and that manly looking beast who ruined his career?


  1. Anonymous8:53 AM

    dey need 2 break up.. nd its a recession bitch quit the newports and buy yourself a life.... matter of fact dont cuz i luv dis site

  2. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Poor Ursher. He shouldn't have married that old b...he should've did whatever he had to to get CHILI back! Damn dummy!


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